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What our clients are saying about our classes....

  • "I've been attending Supriya's classes for a year and I've improved my practice. She not only focuses in a good foundation for a good practice but always encourages us to take yoga beyond the mat by giving us intentions to work through the week. I love her classes as they have helped me to find my centre during difficult times and daily life. Thanks Supriya! I am glad to have the opportunity to thank you for all you give us in the class. Namaste” - Lia Mireles
  • I have been doing yoga for over 4 years now and have taken part in yoga classes in many different studios and gyms. I'm very happy I have found Supriya and can say with confidence I won't be changing my yoga instructor ever again. Supriyas instruction has helped me to really improve my yoga practice especially my breathing technique. I would recommend Supriya to anyone wanting to practice yoga beginner or otherwise.- Cihan Ozdemir
  • “Attending Seva Group classes has been a wonderful experience. I had never attended a yoga practice before and from my first class with Seva group I have always been made to feel most welcome. The instructors show great knowledge, are friendly & very helpful. Throughout the practice it is explained how our breath with movements assist our body and we are always encourage to do the best we can do & support our community. It is nice to have made some new friends doing something that I really enjoy.- Sandra Lowe
  • “42 year old male, I hadn’t done any exercise for a long time and have found Seva Yoga a great way to safely free up my body. I will soon be taking up running as well thanks to Supriya’s guidance.” - Colin Willis
  • “I have been practicing yoga with Supriya for over a year now since April 2012 and have admired her qualities as a yoga teacher from the beginning. From her first lesson she struck me as being a very confident teacher. She told us, her students to turn our mats to face her, the teacher. She told those “shy” students at the back of the room to move down to the front where space was available and she could instruct them much better. These simple but effective changes made me smile from ear to ear for the rest of the lesson. She gives very precise instructions for every asana. Her training at Indian yoga schools has given her a depth of knowledge that is apparent as she takes her class through a journey of warm-up, sun salutes, standing and sitting asanas and warm-down. Her clear, concise instruction goes on for an entire 90 minute lesson on Sunday mornings. Her stamina always surprises me as a normal lesson is only 75 minutes. She begins each class with a lesson dedication and invocation to Patanjali which I enjoy even though I don’t know the Hindi words. She ends the lesson with Savasana, an Om and prayer that rounds out the lesson nicely and leaves me feeling good physically and spiritually. In summary, Supriya is a class act.”– Paul Nankivell
  • “I always wanted to try yoga and I saw an advertisement for a local class taught by Supriya. When I contacted her, she let me know about her One on One yoga lessons. As I have a few medical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis I believed that these lessons would be the best for me. They were held in the privacy of my home where I could get an understanding of the basics and the teaching of yoga without feeling intimidated by being a beginner. There was a 30 minute (getting to know you) appointment to start that covered any and all medical conditions that I have and medications that I was taking. Supriya also got to know what I was trying to achieve with the lessons and gave me an idea what her yoga and her classes could do for me. The following week we started my first 1 hour lesson. The exercises or positions where gentle yet I felt that they also strengthen my joints and ligaments. The breathing that I did throughout the session made me feel relaxed and also invigorated. A very restful and healing meditation ended each session. Even though I have only had these four lessons I already feel the advantages of them in my day to day life. I am now looking forward to group lessons and continuing my yoga journey. I have no hesitation in recommending these One on One yoga lessons to anyone who is unsure, self-conscious or who thinks yoga is not suitable to them due to physical conditions or age. In your own home you get to experience yoga with the very lovely and caring Supriya. I believe the experience to be life changing. I just wish I had started years ago. Regards, Deb” - Deb Merrin
  • "Since starting Yoga I realised what it means to have “Me Time” again. I love it." - Marie Nelson
  • "My practice has improved since starting the One-on-One classes with Seva Yoga over a period of 3 months. Especially in my problem areas, I feel more fluid." - Dorothy Virtue
  • "I love the freedom of practicing in the space of my home." - Kajal Pandey
  • "My son looks forward to his yoga every week. The exercises are fun and has improved his coordination." - Marie Nelson
  • "I like having my other mum friends over and do yoga followed by high tea." - Regina S
  • "It’s truly helped me to centre myself" - Lia Mireles
  • "I love the weekly intentions and the transformation I feel after class." - Kayla
  • "Since starting 6 months ago my breathing has improved a lot. I find that I am able to sit up and feel easier to breathe again." - Kathy Pongrac
  • "I can really feel my muscles firing now - Yoga saved me the other day from falling over some spilled water while shopping - my body responded in time- Impressive" - Mary Phillipe
  • "Amazing teacher who puts her heart into every class. If you are a beginner (I was) or more advanced i would HIGHLY recommend Seva. I cannot thank her enough for the results." - Pat Johnson
  • "I recommend Seva yoga to all my friends. Supriya is an amazing teacher who puts incredible love and care into each individual. It's fantastic that she is a yoga therapist and not just an instructor. She can really look at your needs and tailor individual sessions to your needs" - Khadine Aharon
  • "SEVA Yoga is one of my favourite places to be. Supriya and her team are wonderfully knowledgable and engaging as teachers and I learn so much, so effectively. The Alignment Workshop I attended last weekend was particularly invaluable to my practice and Supriya's explanations always resonate so clearly with my physical and mental understandings of the postures. Thank you Supriya and SEVA Yoga" - Stephanie Bedford
  • "I just finished the 6 week beginner's course, which I absolutely loved. I'm only sad that it came to an end (but it's okay because I will be going back for more classes!). The teacher has a special energy and vibe that makes the classes so enjoyable. The benefits of yoga sell themselves, and I'm so glad I found this studio" - Sandra Delara
  • "The teachers are down to earth and friendly if you talk to them after class. I think the teachers recognize that Yoga just cannot become boot camp styled ever lol. Please keep up the good work guys. I think they have done a good job with simplifying things and focusing on mind + body with all of the classes I have tried so far. They using BLOCKS and Other types of PROPS to master a pose or to make the YOGA class a little more fun is allowed. The routines they teach keep changing every time too which is helpful because variety of exercises seem to also be good for the body."
    Overall I highly recommend this class to people like me who like going back to basics with YOGA!" - Saurabh Patel